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on 2. very quickly let's talk about the toll plaza that is backed up for a 25 minute delay. now to steve. we start off mostly clear here. cold for some. 20s and 30s and 40s. it will be sunny to partly cloudy. still on the mild side with a lot of 60s to near 70. coming up on mornings on 2 two major stories. big water main break in san francisco. we'll have a live report on flooded homes and cars. also we will continue our team coverage of two police officers killed in the line of duty in santa cruz. the new information about the suspect we'll be right back.
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two veteran santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty. and we're getting a better idea of how last night's tragedy in santa cruz played out. we'll show you the bullet holes we discovered this morning. >> reporter: the two officers shot and killed this moring,
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we'll have reaction. >> reporter: an absolute mess out here in the san francisco neighborhood after a major water main break. we'll show you some incredible pictures and take you inside these homes to take a look at the damage. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, february 27th. an unprecedented tragedy in santa cruz. two veteran police officers shot to death. they are the city's first officers to be killed in the line of duty. we have team coverage. ktvu's janine de la vega is learning more about the officers and getting community reaction. but we begin with tara moriarty with new information on the shooting and the suspect.
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tara? >> reporter: we understand the suspect lived a couple of houses down the street. behind me is actually doyle street. police say after the suspect killed two officers over on branciforte drive, he came here and it appears he was shot in front of this garage. now, there were too many bullet holes to count. several garages are strung together in this complex and at least half of them were riddled with holes, chunks of one door even missing. we also spotted bullet holes on a nearby van. two cars were towed earlier this morning from the scene. one of them had two bullet holes through the front windshield. loren baker and elizabeth butler were both killed during a confrontation yesterday afternoon about a mile from the beach on branciforte avenue. they were doing a followup investigation on a sexual assault suspect when the man opened fire and killed them. the police chief called yesterday a horrific tragedy.
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>> thanks to every member of the community who has reached out over this tragedy and offered condolences and support in the loss of my two officers today, this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams closed off the neighborhood and locked down three schools. they tracked down the suspect around the corner on doyle street, 30 minutes after the officers were killed. officers then killed him under a barrage of bullets. police say the suspect is 35- year-old jeremy goulet. they arrested him on friday on a disorderly charge. he was released after posting bail. authorities say he was recently fired from his job at a dofffy shop after breaking into a coworker's home and making inappropriate advances for her. now, the sheriff's office is
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taking over operations for the time being. we'll bring you the latest when the press conference starts. back to you. >> thank you. this deadly incident is the latest in a series of crimes in a city long known as a surf town. janine de la vega continues our coverage where a memorial is growing. >> reporter: in the last ten minutes, a retired police officer came up here to this makeshift memorial and paid his respect to the two fallen officers. he said the sergeant who died was a trainee of his. he was too broken up to speak on camera. you can see where people have left candles and flowers and signs, showing their love and support. it's definitely gonna be a difficult day. there is a sign on the front door saying the lobby is closed so the officers can mourn. police say both officers are veterans of the department. one of them is identified as
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loren "butch" baker. he was reportedly near retirement. he was called a long-time friend and meant ooh. he leaves behind a wife, daughter, and two sons. the other officer fate tally shot was -- fatality shot, elizabeth butler, a ten-year veteran of the force. she leaves behind her partner and two young sons. there are no words to describe how officers are reathing. the mayor -- reacting to this tragedy. the mayor echoed the sentiments. >> we're forever indebted, putting your lives at risk to keep our community safe. >> reporter: the police department is thanking everyone for their support and condolences. the santa cruz county sheriff's department has taken over patrols for the night. it's unclear how long that will go on in the coming days. but again, yesterday, was described as the darkest day in santa cruz police history.
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they've never lost an officer in the history of the department and now they've lost two. you are looking at a teddy bear. somebody just left their purple heart. it appears they were ex- military. this right here in front of this makeshift memorial, again, we tried to speak with him. too emotional to speak on camera. this is really hitting the community hard. we plan on talking to more people coming up in the next hour on "mornings on 2" about the reaction. we know there's a press conference that is supposed to happen here at the police department. we'll hear more from investigators. reporting live from santa cruz, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, janine. make sure you stay right here with "mornings on 2" for the next two hours for continuing coverage on that tragedy in santa cruz. you can also find more information including seeing the raw footage of last night's news conference right there on the front page of our website, 7:06. we have more developing news.
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cleanup crews are still hard at work trying to remove all of the mud on the streets of one san francisco neighborhood. thousands of gallons of water gushed from a broken main at 15th avenue and wowona street. claudine wong is at the scene. you just talked to a homeowner who is shocked by all of the damage. >> reporter: let me give you a look at what's happening right now in this san francisco neighborhood. this is 15th and winona. the cleanup continues and up the block you can see the yellow tape and a sinkhole there. that's where the water started from. it came all the way down here, at this point where we're standing in the street, the water level was about waist high. it covered a lot of these cars and certainly went into these homes. i want to talk you over here and give you an idea of what homeowners are dealing with this morning because it really is a mess. this is marina's home. she's let us come over here to
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show you what's going on inside her garage. if we walk you in there, you can see the mess on the floor. but even worse than that, the mess once you get inside. there was actually a refrigerator standing up. it's toppled over. what you can't see, the back room is a mess. just recarpeted and redid this area. she said this is so devastating to look at. we talked to her neighbor and her neighbor gave us a look inside her home. was he down here when the water started -- >> yes. >> reporter: how do you get this cleaned up? are they gonna come help you? >> yeah. my son upstairs start crying, though. >> reporter: this is his stuff. >> yeah, yeah. it's bad. we have to keep going. >> reporter: you are taking a look at some incredible shot earlier this morning when the water was still flowing. unbelievable.
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but you get an idea of really what residents woke up to when the water came down. it was flowing for about an hour, hour and a half, according to the people we've talked to out here. what it was doing was flowing underground and destroying the ground before the water came up. that created a sinkhole. about 5:30, at first, it was just a depression in the ground. they didn't realize the kind of damage there was but then as the morning progressed, the asphalt just started ving way and that's how the sinkhole was created. and so now they are having to dig up the ground and they are not sure how big that sinkhole is gonna get but they are keeping an eye on that. coming out here live, you can see heavy machinery, this mud is thick. the stuff sitting on this roadway, we've seen them picking it up with shovels. if you can see -- if i push along to the ground here -- we got our boots on right now, if we push along how deep it gets,
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it's thick. you are not washing it down any of the drains. they have heavy machinery and they are gonna clear it out of here. they are trying to do that now. this will obviously take a while. we're watching the situation and will keep you updated on "mornings on 2". live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. obviously -- the road is closed there. i believe that road is near san francisco state university. that would be good for people to know about. i'm sure sal has other traffic situations to tell us about, including the bay bridge toll plaza. >> yeah, fortunately, that area is not causing any major delays. we just heard from muni. they sent out a tweet saying they don't have any major delays on that area. we'll let you know more about that. let's take a look at the commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is moving along relatively well. there are no major problems here. but it's about a 25-minute
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delay. it's very typical. the same commute we see every day there's nothing day. there's nothing unusual. if you are drive i along 101 san francisco, traffic is slow as you approach the area. we had an earlier accident in san lorenzo, 880 hayward, traffic has cleared but it's still slow heading south on hayward. let's go to steve. >> well, mostly clear. there are a few clouds. we'll get a lot more today than yesterday. there's some cold readings. fairfield is 29. it will still be mostly sunny. nice to warm. but we don't have as much as that offshore breeze. it's still a little offshore but yesterday was a lot stronger. a lot of high and mid-level tropical clouds coming in. the next rain a week from today. it looks like march 6th. not a big one. next couple of days except for the high cloud deck, it will be
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sunny and warm. yesterday was sunny all day long. highs continue to be above average. it should be a beautiful sun set tonight with the addition of these clouds. starting out 46. we'll go 58 and then a high of clouds. temperatures, again, 29 fairfield. napa's 32. santa rosa is 32. outside of sonoma, 32. near sonoma and kenwood, 29. 30s, livermore is in there. brentwood is 39. antioch, 34. walnut creek, 36. 30s for concord. also near half moon bay, i've seen a lot of 30s. el granada, pescadero. near the half moon bay airport, i saw 37. still that easterly breeze or northerly breeze. most locations say calm, it's there. take a look at one heck of a system, continues to churn and slowly, slowly tro dues a lot of snow -- produce a lot of
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snow here. it's drifting to the northeast. any travel plans for the great lakes will probably be delayed. a lot of tropical clouds. so mostly sunny to start. partly cloudy later on. it will be nice. but a little cooler to the north bay with the addition of those clouds. 60s, 70s for some. temperatures are above average here, especially inland. they are pretty close to inland this time of year for the coast and also in san francisco. but temperatures will continue to be mild to warmer on friday. then -- i think we go partly to mostly cloudy on friday. with tropical clouds, it will be cooler and breezy. new this morning, a progress report on oakland public schools. a nonprofit organization called yet oakland public schools conducted the study showing student performance overall and by race. now, according to the report, oakland schools have progress when it comes to meeting the state academic performance index. 42 schools met the requirements
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in 2012. compared to five schools in 1999. however, the graduation rates among african-american and rates were lagging. the first of feinstein's gun control bill underway. why there's doubt it will pass despite popular support. and a new sighting of that couple missing in south america from oakland. why family and friends are not celebrating just yet. lucky charms?!
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newschopper2 showing the muddy mess here in the west portal district of san francisco near 15th and winona. you can see it's daylight. all of the mud at the bottom of that hill. the only thing i can tell you, this is a residential area. just a few blocks away from some of the main streets.
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muni sent a tweet saying their bus service is not affected. of the nearby schools are getting in session -- some of the nearby schools are getting in session. these are live pictures showing us the heavy equipment needed to get rid of the mud as a result of this broken water main. stay with ktvu. claudine wong will have another report coming up live from the scene in a few minutes. 7:17. let's go back to the desk. >> in other news, the u.s. reportedly closer now to giving direct aid to the rebels in syria. secretary of state john kerry is discussing this with european leaders. this is brand-new video of secretary kerry this morning with the president of france. on thursday, kerry will be at a meeting of the friends of syria in rome. now, at first the syrian opposition was going to boycott the meeting, protesting the lack of aid it was getting from the u.s. and europe. after getting calls from secretary kerry and vice
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president joe biden, rebel leaders now agree to be there. 7:17. the blame game continues as sequestration becomes law just two days from now. as ktvu's kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, republicans say this situation is not as desperate as democrats claim and finally just a short time ago, we learned there will be a meeting of the key players. kyla? >> reporter: yeah, tori. california senator barbara boxer says she is cuts will be pain -- these cuts will be painful, especially in california. but republicans say democrats are painful. republicans say there could still be time to reverse the cuts. it would be several weeks before the first federal civilian employees would be furloughed. with that delay, that leaves time for congress to modify. house republicans passed
7:21 am
legislation twice to avoid sequestration. senate democrats unveiled their plan yesterday, which includes tax increases and now we hear senate republicans could unveil their plan today. the threat of sequestration could hurt california's unemployment rate when one in ten people statewide are already looking for work. >> the governor has said it's a downward pressure on the economy when we want upward mobility. >> reporter: the president is assuming the bill won't be passed until friday. he's meeting with nancy pelosi and john boehner on friday and senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell. coming up next hour when i see you, i will explain how other budget looming deadlines could possibly reverse these cuts. back to you. >> thank you, kyla. happening right now -- a congressional committee is looking into senator fi an feinstein's proposed assault
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weapons ban. this is a live picture of the senate judiciary committee meeting. that's senator grassley speaking right now. feinstein's legislation would ban 160 assault styles and ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds. some analysts say the ban against high-capacity magazines has a better than of being approved than the ban on assault weapons. 7:20. cautious optimism among family members and friends after a missing oakland couple is reportedly seen in south america. peruvian officials say they were spotted in a remote area of the amazon on a boat. peru's tourism min strip plans to send out a plane to that area today to get some video of them and give some proof they are okay. we did talk to neal's boss who said they feared the worst after they stopped posting
7:23 am
messages on social media. >> i think they were going through a lot of areas that had good internet access and went through an area that didn't. and at that point, they appeared to have dropped off. >> now, garrett hand's mother, she's knoll celebrating yet -- not celebrating yet. she says until they have prove of life they can't celebrate these reported sightings. she says she wants to hear directory from her son. we're in for more springlike weather. up next, steve paulson will tell us which parts of the bay area will see warm weather. and continuing coverage on where a vulnerable hayward woman might be this morning. and the big cleanup continues in the west portal neighborhood where a water main break created a huge mess. another live report from the scene is straight ahead on "mornings on 2." whatever you w, baby.
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as far as we know, a search is still going on for a missing 29-year-old woman. her name is samantha last seen 18 days ago. relatives say she is especially vulnerable because she has a very trusting nature. . >> we're really worried that somebody out there is manipulating her and taking advantage of her and mind control her. that's our biggest fear. >> we did leave messages with her family. so far no one has been able too give us new information. the family has been out posting fliers in the neighborhood and also oakland, san jose and san francisco. they are also cov verring convenience stores, b.a.r.t. and bus stations. if you see her, call police.
7:27 am
the city of san francisco is planning to add more round- abouts in the richmond district. a few weeks ago, the transportation agency installed one at 23rd and anza. it's all part of an effort to slow down drivers. but some neighbors don't like the round-about, saying it can be a little confusion. let's see if traffic is causing any problems out there on the roads. we want to check in with sal. what's going on on 280? >> it's a little slow. it's getting a little slower. it's not stop and go. in some areas it's slowing down to pretty slow. i'm gonna change it. i think it does look stop and go enough for me to call it stop and go. it's kind of slow and g but it will be a while getting into the west valley. let's go to the toll plaza where there's traffic here backed up for a 20, 30-minute delay. we don't have any problems on the bridge. we certainly do have slow traffic. things are recovering after a motorcycle crash on 880
7:28 am
southbound. the crash is fon but the traffic is a little bit slower than you might see it heading south on the nimitz freeway to hayward and down to highway 92. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. some cold reads, 29 favorfield. kenwood. we have sunshine in the morning. a lot of high clouds are on the way. a little bit different today than yesterday. 32 napa. 39 san jose. there are mid-30s on the peninsula as well, same for little, concord. there's that -- livermore, concord. yesterday was sunny side up. today we'll get cloud cover. warmer probably towards the slay valley. the pope's final public address. [ cheers ] >> his message to the people in st. peter's square, plus the lucky few he personally blessed. two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of
7:29 am
duty. we continue our team coverage. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a car chase and crash lands two teens in the hospital. we'll give you the latest on their condition as well as what led up to the crash as "mornings on 2" continues.
7:30 am
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we are following an unprecedented tragedy in the city of santa cruz. two police officers shot to
7:32 am
death in a city that's never before lost even one officer in the line of duty. ktvu's tara moriarty has been covering this story since 4:30 this morning and joins us from santa cruz with new information. tara? >> reporter: we're a few houses away from where the suspect lived. we're on doyle. this is where the suspect killed two police officers after -- actually,er killed them on branciforte drive and then he came over here and appears to be shot in front of the garage. there are too many bullet shows to count. chunks of one door were even missing. we also spotted bullet holes on a nearby van. two cars were towed from the scene this morning. one of them had two bullet holes through the front windshield. detective sergeant loren baker and elizabeth butter were killed about a mile from
7:33 am
branciforte avenue. they were doing a followup investigation on a sexual assault suspect when the man opened fire and killed them. their bodies were found outside the home. the chief called yesterday the department's darkest day. >> we at the santa cruz police department are like family. i've known both of these officers for a long, long time. there are not words to describe how i feel personally about this and how my department is reacting. >> immediately following this incident, we gathered our executive management together and we determined it would be most appropriate for the sheriff's office to assume investigative responsibility of the scene and the murder of the officers that had taken place moments before. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams closed off the neighborhood and locked down three schools. they tracked down the suspect around the corner on doyle
7:34 am
streets 30 minutes after the officers were killed. officers then killed him under a barrage of bullets. police say the suspect is 35- year-old jeremy goulet. they had arrested him on friday a disorderly charge but he was released after posting bail. authorities say he was recently fired from his job at a coffee shop after breaking into a coworker's house friday and making inappropriate advances toward her. now, the sheriff's department is taking over patrol operations for the time being. as you heard the sheriff saying they are assuming the criminal part of this investigation. at 11:30 this morning, the santa cruz police department will be having a press conference. hopefully we'll learn more information and brick it to you at noon. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we're learning more details about the suspect's troubled past. pam cook has more and has uncoverrerred disturbing information and -- uncovered disturbing information and will continue the continuing tragedy at 7:45. in san jose overnight, two teenagers end up in the
7:35 am
hospital after a police chase. it happened at the bird avenue exit on southbound 280. brian flores is in san jose to tell us why police think the car may have been stolen. >> reporter: hi, dave. we have several cars to the santa clara sheriff aif department. we have tote -- sheriff's department. we have yet to hear from them. the two teenagers involved in the chase and crash are lucky to be alive. they are expected to be okay. we want to go to the video shot earlier this morning of this crash. it happened at around 2:00 this morning. authorities say the teenagers, one a boy, one a girl, they were driving southbound on 280 when it rolled over before the bird exit. the car ended up on its roof. before the rollover law enforcement officers were on routine patrol, when they did a license plate check on the car, it turns out the car the teens were in was stolen. a short chase ensued and then the rollover crash shortly theirafter. from the video, it looks like the car is a two-door older
7:36 am
model acura legend. not listenly -- it doesn't appear this home had any damage where the car went in. the area has been cleared. the teenagers were taken to a nearby hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. we're live in san jose, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating a shooting just hours ago. it happened around 1:30 this morning. they were told the victim was in a car on 80th avenue and holly when someone shot him. he managed to drive around the corner and park in a carport. that's where he called the police. that victim is expected to recover. so far police say he has not been cooperating with investigators. new fallout this morning from the case of former l.a. police officer chris dorner.
7:37 am
the police department announced it would re-examine his firing after he went on a killing rampage earlier this -- earlier this month. now other police officers fired over the years have requested that the department reopen their cases as well. they are questioning disciplinary and review procedures. two former guests are suing the los angeles hotel where the body of a canadian tourist was found. a worker discovered the body of the 21-year-old, elissa lamb, inside of a water tank on top of the hotel. that tank was one of four that provided drinking water to the building. the guests who file the lawsuit, they want a reimbursement for their room and other damages. so far, no comment from the hotel. the investigation into lamb's death continues. 7:35. new this morning, house minority leader, nancy pelosi, is leading a push for the supreme court to uphold the voting rights act. this is new video of pelosi this morning. she appeared at a press
7:38 am
conference along with representatives from the congressional black, hispanic caucuses. shiite's looking at whether the 19 -- she's looking at whether the voting rights act is legitimate. 150,000 people gave pope benedict xvi an emotional sendoff early this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> the pope hel his final general audience at the vatican. he waved from the crowd from the pope mobile and kissed the forehead of several lucky babies. he recalled moments of joy and life of pope while facing great pain. >> i continue for prayers, i ask each of you to pray for me and the new pope. >> he thanked everyone for respecting his decision to step down and to also pray for the
7:39 am
cardinals who have the enormous responsibility of picking the new pope. again, they hope to do that by holy week, march 24th. >> can you imagine being there for that? >> that would be amazing. sal's back. he's watching the roads. you are watching bridges, too. >> that's right. we are and the bridges are getting more crowded. this is the peak of the commute. the traffic continues to get busier as we get closer to the 7:30 and 8:00 portion of our commute. let's go outside and take a look at highway 4 westbound you can see traffic is busier than it was. we've been watching it rather closely. we don't have any major problems in this area. but we do have slow traffic. also the morning commute is going to be slow at the bay bridge. the traffic continues to be slow from before the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on. no problems on the bridge itself. we've had slow traffic on 880 south. it has not quite recovered from earlier problems heading down to the union city/hayward area. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
7:40 am
a mostly clear morning. 20s, 30s and 40s. a few high clouds are already starting to work their way in. we had beautiful, beautiful conditions. it will still be nice but a little bit more cloud cover. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. a lot of high clouds. san francisco/oakland. the bulk of them are there and they are getting closer and closer. should be a great sunset with the addition of these clouds. san francisco yesterday, 62. didn't change anything today. starting off at 46. we'll go 58 at noon. 62 for a high. but i think a lot more high clouds. it won't do too much. i think it will take the edge off especially towards the north bay. 29 fairfield. 32 napa. santa rosa, 32. i did see 29 near sonoma and also kenwood. 30s for many or 40s. you go to sunnyvale, 35, 34 degrees. same near redwood city.
7:41 am
yesterday's wind was strong. we had gusts to 50, mt. diablo and today it's mostly calm conditions. there's a little component of an offshore breeze. an unbelievably big system continues to have two speeds. slow and stop in the great lakes. it's producing a lot of snow. there will be travel delays there. it's all heading very slowly toward the northeast. somebody hasanceish weather, just not us. i think next wednesday we'll get some rain in here. a lot of high clouds. nice but a little cooler for many. still went with a 70 at clearlake, st. helena. we lost the north wind. 60s for many. just temperatures continuing to be a little bit above average here. warmer temperatures will be towards santa clara valley. 60s, coast, peninsula, 68 palo alto. high clouds drift in today and tomorrow. friday looks sunny and warm. first day of march. a little cooldown.
7:42 am
cooler and breezy on sunday. >> thank you, steve. people in the midwest are trying to recover after a heavy winter storm, once again, blanketed the region. in kansas, the roads were so bad, look at this, the snowplow could not withstand the wet snow toppling into a ditch. an official state of emergency was declared in kansas city after about 10 inches of fresh snow fell yesterday. and colorado authorities are trying to reach drivers strand stranded by a snowstorm that also forced about 60 students and their teachers to spend the night in their school last night. happening right now, new secretary of defense chuck hagel, is makes his first remarks to the pentagon employees. >> the great nation and the tremendous force for food that america is. i want toking a knowledge much -- i want to acknowledge much of our leadership here today,
7:43 am
specifically, we have the deputy secretary of defense ash carter who was here chairman, joint chiefs, we have the staff of the army. makes me shake a little. sergeant -- [laughter] >> these are live pictures. chuck hagel speaking live at the pentagon. first remarks to the employees there. now we also want to show you some new video of hagel arriving at the pentagon this morning. hagel was confirmed by the senate just yesterday after a bitter seven-week fight on capitol hill. just four republicans joined republicans in backing the -- the democrats in backing the confirmation. president obama calls hagel the defense secretary the nation needs and the leader our troops deserve. what's moving. markets higher this morning? new disturbing information on the alleged gunman in the santa cruz shooting. first it was the island of
7:44 am
lanai and now larry ellison has made another important purchase in hawaii.
7:45 am
7:46 am
stocks up on wall street this morning helped by gains from discount retailers. 22% jump in earnings from dollar tree, showing consumers spent more at the chain stores and strong orders for factory goods suggest companies are willing to expand their production capacity. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 83 getting back to the 14,000 mark. the nasdaq up 18. s&p up 8. time is 7:44. there could be drama inside and outside today's apple
7:47 am
shareholders' meeting. outside company headquarters in cupertino security officers will hold a halle. they say apple use -- a rally. they say apple uses a security contractor trying to intimidate workers wanting to join a union. inside, shareholders will wait it see if the ceo talks about a plan that would have created a new class of preferred stock. ra co-founder of apple is being invited back to -- a co- founder of apple is being invited back to the graduating class this year. he graduated from cal back in 1986. 7:45. in our continuing coverage of the fatal police shooting in santa cruz, we're lorneing more about the extensive criminal past of the man accused of that shooting. pam cook is in the newsroom to tell us what the investigators
7:48 am
are finding out, pam. >> well, the santa cruz sentinel reports that the accused gunman moved here from oregon two or three months ago and was working at a coffee shop in the harbor area but he was fired on saturday. locals have described him as unstable and prone to fight. santa cruz police say he was fired after an incident on friday. officers say he broke in a coworker's home and tried to assault her. responding officers arrested him for drunk and disorderly conduct and he was released on bail. now, before moving to santa cruz, he was convicted of a sex crime in oregon. here's a picture there. he was caught filming a woman in the shower when the woman's boyfriend tried to grab him, he says they thought and that the peeping tom fired a handgun. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," the interesting joyce a judge gave him in or -- choice a judge gave him in oregon and his military background and comments from family, coworkers and a roommate.
7:49 am
back to you. >> thank you. the city of santa cruz is in shock, as you can imagine, after the deaths of those two veteran police officers. ktvu's janine de la vega has been there since 4:30 this morning and will have more on the two fallen officers when our team coverage continues at 8:00. boeing could start test flights of the dreamliner. the wall street journal reports the faa could report new flights as early as next week. that's not an indication when the tests would start. but the paper says it's a signal the faa is prepared to sign off on boeing's package of proposed fixes to battery problems on the 787, the actual cause of the battery fire still has not been discovered. oracle founder larry ellison now owns a small airline. ellison bought island air which offers 224 flights a week between oahu, maui, the big island and lanai. the deal comes less than a year
7:50 am
after he bought 98% of the island of lanai. a spokesman for one of his companies says the purchase is a commitment to hawaii. and tesla plans to pay back its federal loan in half the time its allowed. tesla had been given ten years to pay back the loan. now it says it will be paid in full in five years. the ceo says the energy department was criticized after solyndra went bankrupt so he thinks it's only fair to praise it with success stories like tesla. 7:48. new developments relating to the chevron refinery fire last august in richmond, the explosion and fire sickened 15,000 people. well, this evening, community groups will be meeting to talk about the $1 million find that cal/osha hit chevron with. in the meantime, two east bay lawmakers have introduced air pollution bills in sacramento.
7:51 am
the proposals include raising the civil penalties and also toughening the regulations. at least 19 people died. ten others were critically hurt after this tragic fire in eastern india today. the fire started inside a building. the police say it was filled with dozens of illegal shops selling plastic products. there was only one entrance to the building. the toxics gases from the fire also hampered the rescue efforts. we're learning more about the gunman in a deadly shooting in switzerland. a local newspaper reports the shooter opened fire inside a company cafeteria. investigators say three people were killed including the gunman, seven others are hurt, five of them critically. police say the gunman was 47 years old and had been with the company for ten years. the motive for the attack is still under investigation. switzerland is known for having
7:52 am
one of the lowest gun crime rates in the stillized world. the coast guard has suspended a search for a sailboat off monterey's coach. searchers say they've covered an area about the size of west virginia. but no sign of the couple and two young children. the coast guard says a radio call went out on sunday saying the sailboat was sinking. questions have been raised about whether this was just a hoax. >> there are hoax cases that happen like this all of the time. we're not seating this one as a hoax. >> if the distressed call turns out to be a fake, the person responsible could face prison time and a hefty fine. 7:50. to catch a theft at a california hool, a stay tuned went undercover. we'll tell you who was the up expected culprit and what that student did to -- how a student went undercover. we'll tell you who the expected
7:53 am
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people in sausalito are on heightened alert after police report a spike in burglaries over the past 30 days. burglars tarted four businesses taking a total of two ipods and $3,000 in cash. four homes were also hit. in several of the cases, burglars entered through unlocked windows or doors. police are increasing patrols in the area and are still investigating the crimes. one california teen hid in a locker to find a suspected backpack thief at her school but she did not expect the alleged culprit to be her own teacher. this happened at lindon high school, 60 miles southeast of sacramento. the sophomore took matters into her own hands when students began noticing money missing from their backpacks. she hid in a locker capturing this video of a popular teacher
7:56 am
rummaging through backpacks appear be to take mown. >> i didn't want to believe that she would do something like that because she was so nice but then she did it. >> betty took the videos the videos -- took the videos to the principal and the teacher is on leave. there's new library open. some people might drive by it or mistake it for a birdhouse. this little boy saw a story about a small place where people could drop off or pick up books. that inspired him to build one in his community. >> a lot of times neighbors don't know neighbors anymore. hopefully this will help bring our community closer. >> he says the original library was built as a way to promote list racy. this little free library has
7:57 am
only been up a couple of days. it's already attracting fans from all over the neighborhood and they are giving it rave he reviews. >> it does like like a birdhouse. >> it does. >> kind of fun. >> yeah. let's check in with sal. 237, sal? >> yeah, tori and dave. absolutely right, 237, some slow traffic. we'll start there in the south bay. getting crowded near zanker road. as you can see, it's not as bad. sometimes it really gets crowded through here. this is just kind of a momentary slowdown on your way in. we've been looking at the livermore valley. it has been crowded. 30 minutes from grantline to the 680 interchange and then the commute from 238 to mowry, 31 minutes. so crowded there for sure. contra costa county, southbound 680 slows just after highway 242 all the way down to danville. let's go to steve.
7:58 am
we started off clear but clouds are beginning to increase. high clouds in the north bay. there is a lot offshore. 20s, 30s and 40s for lows. look at the high cloud deck. getting closer. we'll go partly cloudy. there's the 29 fairfield. that's probably about an hour old. so they are probably warmer than that now. a colder morning and a decrease in the breeze. in addition to the high clouds, it will be mild to warm. but not as warm as yesterday unless you are down towards santa clara valley. a lot of 60s, near average to slightly above. no change for thursday. it will be sunny and warmer on friday. and then a tropical clouds for a mostly cloudy, cooler saturday and then much cooler pattern. 7:56. boy, noisy protesters, crashing a bay area city council meeting. [chanting] >> the issue triggering this disruption and how it all
7:59 am
ended. >> reporter: we're live in santa cruz where the community is morning the loss of two police officers shot and killed this morning. we'rering the officers and -- we're remembering the officers and will have reaction from the community. >> reporter: and you can see the cleanup continues here in the san francisco neighborhood after a major water main break early this morning. we just talked to the pt.u.c. we have new -- p.u.c. we have new information for you and the damage left behind. that's when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:00 am
8:01 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. the unprecedented tragedy in the city of santa cruz. two veteran police officers shot to death while trying to question a sexual assault suspect. those police officers were killed yesterday afternoon at a home about a mile from the beach. police say the two detectives were investigating a suspect in a sexual assault when the man opened fire. the santa cruz police chief identified the two fallen officers last night during a very emotional news conference. >> thanks to every member of our community who has reached out over this tragic situation and offers their condolences and support in the loss of my
8:02 am
two officers today. this is -- this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> now, s.w.a.t. teams tracked down the suspect about 30 minutes of a those two police officers were killed. the suspect was then killed by police in a barrage of gunfire. >> in the meantime, the tight community is in shock following the killing of those officers. janine de la vega continues our coverage from outside of headquarters. >> reporter: tori, it's just gonna be a heartwrenching day for the community. people have been stopping, dropping o candles, flowers, leaving -- off candles, flowers, condolences. it will be a somber day as they come to grips with the loss of two officers. sergeant loren 'butch" baker was shot and killed yesterday. he was with the force for 28
8:03 am
years and leaves behind a wife, daughter and a son who works as a police community officer. the other officer, elizabeth butler, a ten-year veteran. she worked as a parole officer, hostage negotiator and a drug agent. she leaves behind her partner and two young sons. their loss is hitting the community hard. we spoke to a woman who paid her respects this morning and dropped off cookies in front of the apartment. she shared how she was feeling this morning. >> devastating. it hurts. it just hurts deep. i didn't know them personally but i love santa cruz p.d. and i think they are already understaff and not supported by the courts. this is just tragic. >> reporter: the flags are flying at half staff in front of the police station. the chief described yesterday as the darkest day in the history of the department. he's thanking the community for the support. there's been a huge outpouring
8:04 am
online for the santa cruz police department, from other police departments around the bay area with them expressing their condolences as well as community members reacting with shock and sadness. this isfy time the department has lost an officer in the line of duty. you are looking at a live picture of the front of the police department. you can see a sign there that says the lobby is closed today, and that is to let some of the employees here, of course, grieve the loss of these two fallen officers. we spoke just briefly to a number of people who stopped by this memorial and we actually ran into somebody who personally knew the sergeant, sergeant baker. we plan on bring you that interview and what she had to say coming up in the next hour of "mornings on 2." reporting live from santa cruz, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and stay with "mornings on 2" for the next hour for continuing coverage on this tragedy in santa cruz.
8:05 am
you can find more information including raw footage of last night's news conference on our website, 8:02. we have developing news from santa cruz. boy, a major water main break flooded homes and cars early this morning. now we'll really seeing the damage. thousands of gallons of water filled this intersection of 15th avenue and wiwona street. this is in the southwest part of san francisco and the area is still blocked off. ktvu's claudine wong has been there since 4:30 this morning. you are back now -- i'm looking over your shoulder, claudine, the muddy cleanup. >> reporter: they are doing their best out here to clean up the mess. you have the heavy machinery trying to move all of this mud around to try to get water on street and get it back open. this is gonna take a while. you should see the mess inside some of the homes. the p.u.c. told me 23 homes damaged, 12 cars just like this one. we are talking to neighbors and
8:06 am
you hear their stories and see how it's affected them. the house here, they just moved in. and now the entire basement that they just remodeled is completely nilled with mud and debris and -- filled with mud and debris and it's damaged extensive. next door, you have a daycare here and a 14-year-old boy who had a room downstairs. he woke up to water that ended up practically up to the side of the bed. right next door to them, a woman living in this home for 50 years. she says she woke up to someone banging on her door letting her know that the water was filling her garage and it is just a mess inside of there. i want to he show you what caused all of this. let me you some video from after 2:30 this morning when this 16-inch water main broke. now, this is a major distribution line. the normal lines that go into people's homes are 4 to 6 inches. this one was 16. it's 71 years old. they don't really know what
8:07 am
caused it to fail. but it did send a ton the water rushing down the street and flooding this part of 15th and wiwona. we talked to a woman who had a lot of damage and she took us inside. >> the water came up so high that it tipped everything over. >> reporter: even the refrigerator? >> yes and the refrigerator was full. it just tipped everything over. >> reporter: yeah. >> it was that lie. >> yes. >> and as you can see, all of the trash cans were all floating. everything. everything. >> reporter: now, that was just her garage. but in a lot of these homes, not only do they have the garage on the ground thore of their holes, they also have bedrooms. and the bedrooms destroyed by the water that was waist high in a lot of these holes. we talked about the -- homes. i want to he show you the
8:08 am
sinkhole in the space this morning. what happened this morning, when they got near, there was kind of a depression in the street. but as you can see from newschopper2, that ground eventually gave way. the asphalt basically dropping down. that was -- there was no ground there to hold it. i want to give you an idea what's happening next. they are gonna to try to move the mud and try to wash it down an get the street cleaned up so that area will be clear for traffic. where you can see the yellow tape, that's the area they will focus on. they have to dig that up, get to the water main pipe, and then they will try to trig out what caused all of this. the road will have to be repaved once that is done. one home is -- without water. everyone else has water. there's a lot of cleanup to
8:09 am
come for days to come. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. people in that neighborhood might not want to hear this, seven years after a flood, the town of san anselmo is still battling over $500,000 in funding that fema says was improperly requested. most of that money went to repair the police station and the town hall. nearly two feet of water entered the buildings during the 2005 new year's eve flood. this morning dozens of people in oakland are back in their homes after a propane leak prompted evacuation. firefighters were called to 85th avenue around 7:00 last night. they say a 25-gallon propane tank about a quarter full had rusted through. firefighters say their biggest concern was making sure leaking propane did not catch fire. they cleared the scene shortly before 1 -- 11:00. people were allowed to rush home. last in vallejo, protesters
8:10 am
briefly took over a city council meeting. [chanting] >> people marched into the council chambers shortly after the beginning of the meeting. they were protesting the death of mario romero, who investigators say was shot and killed by vallejo police back in september. the city council took a brief recess while the police came in, moveled the protesters out of city hall. no one was arrested. all right. eight minutes after 8:00. check in with sal. what's happening at the bay bridge toll plaza? still crowded? >> it is still crowded. the westbound bay bridge traffic will be crowded. we've seen a little bit of improvement which is good. you can see to the 880 side, there are fewer cars coming down, there is kind of a precursor of what we'll see later on. if you have time to wait around, you might want to do that. things will start to get better. moving along and taking a look at san francisco, that traffic
8:11 am
looks pretty good getting into the city with no major problems. we've been watching the chp list and we don't see anything reported in san francisco. i don't see anything at all on the san francisco list. we've had a couple of rough days here. we've seen some improvement on pleasant hill. still a little bit slow in walnut creek. but it gets better by the time you reach alamo. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. a lot of high clouds are already working their way in and started off clear and cold. i think the higher clouds will kind of take temperatures down a little bit, especially towards the north bay where most of that cloud cover looks like it wants to hang out. we'll see mostly sunny and give way to a partly cloudy day. a lot of these higher clouds will thicken up more to the north and south. i think the impact will be slightly cooler temperatures. it will still be mild to warm and the sunset should be gorgeous with the addition of the clouds. napa, 39. 36 san rafael some of these are a little warmer. had a lot of the mid-30s on the
8:12 am
peninsula. a lot of the 30s all over the place of still cold in the morning even though the afternoon highs are warming you u by the way, when the temperature gets to -- warming up. by the way, when the temperature gets to 70, it's nice for people and snakes. my experience. 70, 72, that's when i know tess them -- 75, the rattlesnakes come out. 0, 72 -- around 70, 72, the gophers come out. 60s on the temperatures. about the same thursday. friday looks sunny and warm. that will be the warmest day. a lot of cloud cover moves in on saturday. bigger on sunday, cooldown. 8:10. today, the national basketball association is expected to hand down discipline after last night's ball between the warriors and indiana papers. >> and now --
8:13 am
>> pacers' center roy hibette and warriors' center lee got into it. hibbert was the only player ejected. warrior players expect fines but no suspensions. the warriors lost to the paters, 108-97. >> pretty ugly incident. i was watching that. i didn't see any punches thrown. i think that's why they may avoid suspensions. we'll see. he's a navy s.e.a.l., he's from nay and he's missing. what happened during -- from northern california and he's missing. what happened during a training exercise in the waters off hawaii. and there was progress made or at least potential progress made in the sequestration that was just announced this morning. traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ]
8:14 am
♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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8:16 am
mostly sunny to partly cloudy. a rocket firedded from gazaicks proceeded in israel. apparent retaliation for a palestinian man in an israeli jail. this is the first rocket attack from gaza since a cease-fire in november. no injuries reported. in the west bank thousands that the funeral of the palestinian man who reportedly was tortured before he died in an israeli jail. a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. from northern california is
8:17 am
reported lost at sea. 33-year-old special warfare operator first-class mathew john leathers is from woodland, northwest of sacramento. he apparently became separatedded from his team during an open ocean training exercise last week off oha with you. the military -- oha hue. the -- oahu. the military searched to find him. now they've called off the search. in southern california, a marine fell to his death. it happened during a skydiving training exercise. it happened about 3:00 yesterday afternoon in riverside county. the camp pendleton marine was with a group of marines taking part in the military exercise. still not sure what went wrong. but he was pronounced dead at the scene. he's not been identified as yet. it is 8:15. two days are left but little hope remains that congress will pass a plan to avoid automatic government budget cuts. as ktvu's kyla campbell reports
8:18 am
from our washington, d.c. newsroom, president obama already scheduled a meeting with congressional leaders on friday. >> reporter: the president is meeting with laws leaders nancy pelosi and john boehner and harry reid and mitch mcconnell. by the time they meet on friday, these mandatory spending cuts will already have become law. senate democrats laid out their plan yesterday to avoid sequestration. $55billion in cuts and $55 billion in new taxes on the wealthy and oil and gas industry. but republicans say they won't raise taxes. in the house, they already passed legislation to make specific cuts to avoid sequestration but the senate didn't vote on it. house speaker john boehner had colorful words for the senate. >> we've moved a bill in the house twice. we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their [bleep] and begins to do something. >> reporter: but some in washington point to a light at the end of the tunnel.
8:19 am
on march 27th, the current funding measure expires. congress will have to appear on a spending plan to reduce the deficit, even if it's only temporary. if they don't grow on a long- term -- agree on a long-term budget, some won't get paid. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. congress will hold a hearing today regarding questionable spending first uncovered by ktvu. last week a channel 2 investigation revealed that the postal service planned to spend more than $2 million for a conference in san francisco. the event included the golf outing and a dance party. this comes as the postal service announced it is eliminating saturday delivery to cut costs. a spokesperson defends the plans of the event, though, saying the conference helps secure business and revenue. the house oversight committee will conduct today's hearing.
8:20 am
a new $80 mel payroll software program purchased by the state of california, it's not working. there have been several problems with the new payroll computer system installed by s.a.p., a company from germany. they specialize in business shot ware. however, the controller's office says the new soft bare program messes up a lot -- software program messes up a lot. >> one in three paychecks had errors in them. we had employees being too much. some were paid too little. >> the contract has been canceled and they are going back to a system from the '70s used to pay employees. according to the "bay citizen" the city of los angeles as well as county pension funds for crack, los angeles and san diego are all
8:21 am
sending their board members to this conference. the total cost for this conference $2600 or more. some of the pension funds decided not to attend saying it sends the wrong message particularly when pension funds are struggling to meet their financial obligations. oakland mayor jean quan will deliver the state of the city address. the chronicle reports that she's expected to highlight the city's declining unemployment, booming housing market and thriving art and restaurant scene but some people will be listening for what she says about public safety. since she took office two years ago, the crime rate has done up while police staffing levels have gone down. happening right now, vice president joe biden is talking with attorney generals general across the country about the obama administration's ideas about reducing gun violence. this is a live picture of them meeting at the national association of attorney generals general in washington, d.c. since the newtown shooting in december, the vice president
8:22 am
has been meeting with feel people all over the country -- with people all over the country to discuss ways to reduce the gun violence. law enforcement officials took in more 350 guns in the buyback program. those turning in guns were paid $150 for handguns, $200 for rifles or shot guns and $300 for assault weapons. when the $50,000 in privately donated funds ran out, participants were issued i.o.u.s. 8:20. a last-second shot at keeping the sacramento kings from moving out of the state capitol. the new deal on the table and what the kings' owners are thinking about right now. sunny and warm weather continues. meteorologist steve paulson will tell us what kind of temperatures we can expect today. good morning. it's still a little bit slow in some peak commutes. some are getting better. we will tell you where the improvement is -- coming up.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back. our time is 8:23. it was just -- just thinking about this story. a super bowl winning coach from here in the bay area may be heading back to the bay area. espn is reporting that mike holmgren is talking to the raiders about a possible leadership role within management. raiders say they don't talk about personnel matters. mike holmgren is on vacation right now in europe.
8:26 am
he and reggie mckenzie go way backle they are close friends. holmgren was a quarterback at lincoln high school and an assistant coach with the 49ers. 8:23. the city of san francisco is not -- the city of screaks, rather, is not giving -- sacramento, rather is not giving up on the kings. a city council said he spoke with a minority evener of the basketball team to look for an alternative to buy the kings and build a new arena in sacramento. the maloof family, which owns a small percentage of the palms hotel, are the kings minority owners and are working on a deal to sell the team to a group that will move it to seattle. but basketball fans are urging city leaders to press forward. >> remember this and i will say it twice -- don't stop believin'! >> sacramento mayor kevin johnson says he's confident a proposal could be submitted by
8:27 am
friday. he won't identify the local investors but the plan would create a downtown entertainment complex. all right, tori. 8:24. let's go to sal right now. everybody behaving at the toll plaza? >> yeah, they are. as a matter of fact, things are getting better. a little bit better. san mateo bridge, we've seen some reports of some crowded opinions, but it's not all that bad. hear is a little more -- there is a little more traffic. traffic is slow from grantline road as you drive out to the 680 interchange with no major problems. let's go to steve. we started off clear but now a lot of high clouds are working their way in. just looking at the web camera there from the meteorology department. san jose state, three webcams. a lot of these higher clouds won't too too much. mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies. a couple of bands offshore may
8:28 am
give us more clouds than just sun. it should be a great sunset if we can hold onto the higher clouds. had some upper 20s. temperatures now starting to rebound pretty fast. the breeze is not as strong as it was yesterday. we had a pretty good offshore north wind. it's much, much calmer say. it will be on the mild to warm side. 60s for many to 70. i think as we head towards thursday. friday looks sunny and warm. big changes start in the weekend. a lot of tropical clouds on saturday. it will still be okay. sunday looks cooler. today, the vatican a final farewell for pope benedict xvi. [ cheers and applause ] >> his very emotional message just hours ago from st. peter's square. we'll bring you a live report from from -- we will bring you a live report from rome. and two teens lucky to be
8:29 am
alive after a car cash and chase. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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welcome back. 8:29. we're following a new development in that tragedy in santa cruz. two police officers were shot to death yesterday. [no audio] >> reporter: they had apparently seen somebody running out of the back of these -- of this complex right
8:32 am
here and then they weren't sure if it was their man. the suspect ran into this driveway here off doyle street after he killed the two officers. you can see all of the bullet holes here that have riddled the side of this garage. and then across the street here you can see what a very busy area this is. there's a supermarket here as well as a drugstore. you can imagine how chaotic it must have been when all of this happened around 3:30. that was yesterday afternoon. now, there's so many bullet holes here at the scene. too many to count. several garages as we mentioned strung together in this complex. at least half of them were riddled with holes. chunks of one door missing. we also spotted bullet holes on a nearby van. two cars were towed from the scene this morning. one of them had two bullet holes through the front windshield. loren 'butch" baker and elizabeth butler were boat killed during a confrontation yesterday afternoon at the pek's home on branciforte
8:33 am
avenue. they were doing an investigation on a sexual assault suspect. minutes later, this neighbor heard shots. they mistook him for the suspect and he said they a apologized and were very -- they apologized and they were very professional. >> i was really surprised a few hours later when i found they were both killed. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams closed off the neighborhood and locked down three schools. they trafficked down the suspect around the corner -- tracked down the traffic around the kosher 30 minutes after the officers were killed. the other officers kill him under a barrage of bullets. ply say the suspect is 35-year- old jeremy goulet. they -- police say that suspect is 35-year-old jeremy goulet. they arrested him on friday on a disorderly charge but he posted bail.
8:34 am
he was recently fired from his job at a coffee shop and broke into a coworker's home and made inappropriate advances to her. the sheriff's department is now in charge of the criminal investigation but the investigation at the scene has wrapped up. later this morning around 11:30 we're told there will be a press conference at the santa cruz police department. we'll be learning much more information. janine de la vega will have much more coming up at noon. live from santa cruz, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> make sure you stay right here with "mornings on 2" for team coverage of this tragedy in santa cruz. ktvu's janine de la vega will tell us more about the fallen officers. pam cook will tell us more about the suspect. that's coming up at 8:45. a larger reward is now being overred for information leading to an arrest and conviction in a hayward man's death. 19-year-old lewis ernesto was
8:35 am
found dead on mission boulevard on november 7th last year. a nonprofit organization and his family upped the reward to $3,000. authorities have not released a cause of death but are treating the case as a homicide. las vegas police are looking for a woman in connection with a shooting and crash that killed three people including an oakland native. police are calling 22-year-old tamisha howard is person of interest in the case. she's seen here with the suspected gunman, au mare harris -- ammar harris. police say she was in the car with harris on the las vegas strip when the car accident happened. an overnight police chase in san jose lands two teenagers in the hospital. it happened at the bird avenue exit on southbound 280. ktvu's brian flores joining us live from san jose to tell us
8:36 am
how this chase ended so abruptly, brian. >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. i just got off the phone with the santa clara county sheriff's department about a minute ago. we have new information on the chase. the teenagers involved, the driver was actually a 15-year- old female. she was actually a runaway out of stockton. the passenger was a 17-year-old boy. he was with the driver and the stolen car was from san jose. the two are just lucky to be alive this morning after a car chase and crash off the 280. we want to get to video of what happened. this is around 2:00 this morning. authorities say the two teenagers were driving southbound on 280 when it rolled over before the bird avenue exit. the car ended up on its roof, in fact. but before the rollover, sheriffs went on routine patrol and when they did a license plate check on the car, it turned out the car the teens were in was stolen. that car was stolen out of san jose. now, a chase later ensued and
8:37 am
then the roll overcrash shortly thereafter. and it looks like the car is a two-door older model vehicle. it doesn't appear that the home had any damage. in terms of southbound 280, the lanes have been cleared for several hours for now. as for the teenagers, they were taken to a nearby hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. sheriff's officials tell us that the parents were notified by this incident and they were leased -- released on their own recognizance. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. about this time tomorrow, pope benedict xvi will officially step down. earlier today, he spoke to an adoring crowd backed in the st. peter's square. amy kellogg is live in rome outside of vatican city where the pope's public address was mixed with sadness and joy.
8:38 am
amy? >> reporter: that's true, tori. i think this is a dramatic day because, frankly, we may never see pope benedict xvi again. there will be a couple of photo- ops tomorrow. he said he wants to go into solution. he wants to spend the rest of his life in prayer still dedicated to the church but behind the scenes, kind of cloistered in the vatican walls. there's that and how often do you get to say goodbye to a pope? traditionally, popes pass away and then another one is elected. this pope has taken the rather courageous, some would say, decision to step down because he didn't feel he has the strength anymore to carry on. today, normally the wednesday audience would be a catechism. this was more of his gaving thanks to the -- giving thanks to the faithful for their prayers and to all of the people in the church, the priests and cardinals and the bishops who have helped him in his work.
8:39 am
he also thanked people for understanding his decision to step down because it was also controversial. there are those who believe that the pope should stick it out to the end. it's not a regular job that you can retire from. it's something that god has asked you to do. he indicated how difficult that decision had been for him to take. he thanked people for accepting that that was his choice. now, tomorrow, there will be as i said, a few more opportunities to see the pontiff. he will leave here by chopper tomorrow in the late afternoon, early evening and he will go to the summer residence for a while until his new digs in the vatican walls are ready for him in a few months' time. back to you. >> can you give us a time frame of when the conclave will get together in the selection of a new pope? i know normally there is a 15- day period but that's been waived because of this new situation. >> reporter: the pope said this
8:40 am
can begin sooner, right. cardinals and priests and all sorts of people attached to the catholic church have been pouring into rome these past couple of days. more than half of the cardinals are already here. they will start a college of the cardinals and that will begin on march 4th. they will set a date on the conclave then. we believe it will be the 8th or 10th. there's no waying how long that will take. they vote -- saying how long that will take. they vote and burn the ballots after each vote. when we see white smoke and not black smoke that means a new pope has been selected. we don't know when that will happen. but that's roughly the plan. >> a little bit of -- out of our hands. back to you. >> we'll be watching. 8:38. we're watching sal right now. our commute -- you are watching south bay.
8:41 am
>> we're starting there anyway, dave an tori. westbound 237. we're seeing improvement here, likewise with 101. it's not completely cleared you. we still have to deal with some of that slow traffic, here and north. the bay bridge has about a 15- minute tee lay coming into the -- delay coming into the city. the commute time is about 30 minutes now. it's slower than we would like to see it. it's not as bad as it was yesterday. you will be taking some time there as you can see from our road sensors. 8:39. let's did to ev. >> thank you, sal. we started off clear. now we have a lot of high clouds coming in. even though it will be mild to warm, partly sunnying partly cloudy skies. mostly sunny, partly cloudy. temperatures not as warm as yesterday. even though they will be still be warm. we had a pretty strong north-
8:42 am
northeast breeze. it's still slightly breezy. rain next time this week. it looks like a cooler week for march. last week of february warm. first week of march cool. makes sense. the band will work its way through. 30s, 40s had some upper 20s. fairfield, 29. kentwood, 29. there was another one, sonoma, 29. and a lot of 30s and 40s. even 30ens 0 the coast. i saw 37 near half moon airport. 60s. i goin' did with a -- i did go with a couple of 70s. more 0 of the same on thursday -- more of the same on thursday. saturday things start to increase with a lot of the tropical clouds. mostly sunny -- partly cloudy. new video from washington, d.c. this morning. a tribute to rosa parks right
8:43 am
there. that statue just unveiled in the u.s. capitol building. you see john boehner. you see nancy pelosi, president obama standing right next to it. other top leaders, harry reid, many more, all coming together for this very special ceremony, a tribute to rosa parks. as you know, she made history in 1955. she challenged southern segregation laws in montgomery, alabama by refusing to give up her seat on a bus. >> rosa parks, the first lady, the mother of the movement of civil rights, the saint of an endless struggle. however one wishes to refer to her, this statue forever or danes rosa parks' status as an icon of our -- or danes row --
8:44 am
or danes rosa parks, -- ordanes rosa parks, it's a tribute. 8:41. former olympic track star and accused murderer oscar pistorius back in the news. what he's just done to honor the girlfriend he shot and killed. >> reporter: we're live in santa cruz where there is a growing memorial for the two fallen police officers. we'll tell you what happened outside of this station. you will also hear from people who knew these fallen officers when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
stocks are up on wall street boosted by gains for discount real tasers -- retailers led by dollar trees' earnings. the housing market is recovering, giving the stocks a nice lift. the dow is up 94. getting very close but less than 6 points away from 14,000. the nasdaq up 29 and s&p up 12. the worldary largest beermaker could be in hot water, legally. anheuser-busch is accused of adding extra water to some of its beers just before they are
8:48 am
bottled. several former workers, including two from the fairfield brewery made that claim and now they are seeing for $5 million. beer lovers say they are glad someone is taking legal action. >> when we purchase a product, we expect to get what we're purchasing and what is on the label. so if you are not and it's certainly done to lower the costs of production, that's not cool. >> a lawsuit was spearheaded by two people from sonoma county. they say the practice violates california consumer protection laws but anheuser-busch says it already comsplice with all state laws and expects the court to rule in its favor. in san francisco, cleanup crews are still cleaning up a major mess caused overnight by a big water main break. thousands of gallons of water and sewage damaged homes and cars in the area in about ten minutes from right now, ktvu's dodd, who has been out there
8:49 am
since 4:30 this morning, she will be coming back and give us a live report. just a short time ago, some police officers were san jose, you see them here, they arrived in santa cruz. they are showing support for a police department dealing with an unprecedented tragedy this morning. two santa cruz police detectives were shot to death yesterday when they tried to question a man over a reported sexual assault. ktvu's janine de la vega reports they are the first officers to die in the line of duty in the history of santa cruz. janine? >> reporter: that's right the san jose police chief and a few officers came by even though the sign says the lobby is closed, they were able to get in to offer their condolences. i want to show you this growing memorial. somebody has been coming by every five minutes to drop off
8:50 am
flowers. candles. cookies, this is just grieving. this has hit the communities hard because both of these fallen officers are veterans. sergeant lorne baker says he was a long-time -- loren baker says he was a long-time -- was a long-time veteran. elizabeth butler worked as a patrol officer, a hostage negotiator and a drug agent. she leaves behind her partner and two young sons. people from the community are expressing shock and grief over this loss. one woman we spoke to said she used to know sergeant baker and has fond memories of her. >> butch had a wicked sense of humor. he was fun to talk to. he was so sweet, being married to his by all of those -- to his wife all of those years, he still had a crush on her. >> reporter: are you feeling this morning? >> still in shock. >> reporter: the flag is flying
8:51 am
at half staff this morning in front of the department. the memorial keeps continuing to grow in front of the station with people paying their respects. other police departments are supporting santa cruz. san jose police wanted to express that this morning. here's what the chief told us -- >> we're very sorry for what happened. if there's anything we can do, that's what the conversation was. anything we can do as a city, as a department, in law enforcement specifically to support his men and women, that's what we're hear for. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see there's another person who is leaving flowers there at this memorial. a lot of these people don't personally know the santa cruz police officers shot and killed yesterday. but again, this is hitting them hard. and they just want to pay their respects and show that they are grieving alongside the police department. the santa cruz police department will be holding a press conference later this morning at 11:30 to update us
8:52 am
on the investigation. and we will bring that to you coming up at noon. reporting live from santa cruz, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. it's 8:49. we're learning more about the suspected gunman who was shot and killed by officers last night. ktvu's pam cook is in our newsroom with information about a choice he was given in an oregon court. >> as investigators examine this case, they are finding that the suspected gunman in santa cruz had an extensive criminal history. here's the chain of events. according to the santa cruz sentinel, he was convicted of a sex crime in 2008 in oregon. admitting in court that he liked to secretly tape women. the conviction was for videotaping a woman in the shower. now, while attending sex offender treatment, he went back to jail after a confrontation with his parole officer. he then moved to santa cruz from oregon about two to three months ago and took a job at a local coffee shop. he was arrested this past friday, accused of breaking into a coworker's home and trying to assault her.
8:53 am
on saturday he was fired from the job. on his facebook page he said he was happy to live in santa cruz. but coworkers and some describe him as strange and weird. one roommate said he got into first first fights with his -- fist fights with miss brother. he was given the -- with his brothers when they visited. he was given the choice to take treatment or jail time. he chose the jail time. there are reports he may have served time as a marine. his father said his son always has liked gun and often went target shooting. >> stay with ktvu for coning coverage. you can find more information including the unedited tape of last night's news conference on the front page of our website, 8:51. in south africa former olympic
8:54 am
track star oscar pistorius held a private memorial for the girlfriend he shot and killed. the service was last night held at the home of his uncle. he asked for that service to share his loss for family members who new and loved reeva steevkamp. he addmy the -- admitted to shooting her but says he thought she was an intruder. moment the ago, the -- moments ago, the pr firm for pistorius side the substance found is a chemical that helps his muscle recovery, not steroids. water and mud damage to an entire block of homes in san francisco. an update on the massive cleanup that's been going on four hours this morning. good morning. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17, that traffic is moving along pretty well. we'll tell you more straight ahead. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
8:55 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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8:57 am
one final update on the developing news for the water main break in san francisco. we're seeing more damage from inside people's homes. thousands of gallons of water rushed through the intersect of 15th avenue and winona street in the southwest part of the city. claudine wong has been there all morning and she joins us live now. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori, yes. they are making quick work on the remaining mud on this section of the roadway.
8:58 am
this is winona as it comes into the 15th avenue intersection. they are getting ready to spray it down and get it cleared up. they want to open up part of this roadway to traffic. it's a mess out here still and cleanup especially inside the home will take a while. let me show you what it looked like at:30 -- 2:30. unbelievable pictures from this 16-inch water main break. that's a major distribution line. it sent water flowing down into the street and into homes, 23 homes. 12 cars damaged by the water that flooded this section of this neighborhood for about two hours. we talked to several residents out here and a couple of them took us inside to take a look at the damage inside their holes. it's extensive. a -- homes. it's extensive. a lot of mud and debris inside their garages and then back into the back bedrooms that sit in the bottoms in most of these homes here. i want to he show you -- you
8:59 am
can see the sinkhole in the roadway. that's along 15th avenue. that's where the water main broke. they are gonna try to get this whole area cleared up and keened up as much as they -- cleaned up as much as they can. they will try to get to the water main and hopefully figure out what caused it and how to fix it. live here in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> yes. quite a mess there. a story we'll follow throughout the day. let's go to sal right now see what's happening around the taupe and eswhere. >> the toll plaza -- around the toll plaza and elsewhere. >> there's still slow traffic there. westbound, it's backed up for about a ten-minute delay. on the maps, traffic looks pretty good but there is a little bit of a slowdown in san mateo. let's go to steve. >> mostly sunny, partly cloudy. a lot of high clouds. mild to warm. temperatures 60s to near 70. more of the same on thursday. friday looks very nice. a li

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